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Postage stamps are required to send wedding invitations, save the dates, RSVP cards, thank you cards, bridal party invitations and all other wedding-related mail. There are several wedding-themed stamps available to purchase from the USPS. With so many designs to choose from you can be sure to find a look that coordinates perfectly with your wedding stationery.

buy wedding stamps


Thankfully WeddingStamps.US has spent over 12 years researching wedding postage and helping couples order the right amount of postage for their invitations and other wedding mailings. Here you'll find helpful tips and guidance about:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the ultimate authority when it comes to who, what, when, where and how you can send your wedding invitations, save the date cards, and all other wedding-related mail. Over the years the USPS has offered a number of wedding-themed stamps for use on both one-ounce (which use forever stamps) and two-ounce letters. Custom stamps were available before June of 2020 but are no longer available for purchase.

The USPS currently offers a few 1st class 1oz wedding-themed forever stamps but most of the USPS postage stamps are less than idea for use to send wedding mail. The current face value of these stamps is $0.63. Here are some of the love/wedding themed postage choices:

Companies such as Minted and Zazzle previously sold 2,000 different wedding-themed stamps or you could even create your own custom postage stamps! Sadly, the USPS ended their custom postage program in June of 2020 and there are no companies left that offer custom postage stamps.

For more information, read about stamps and surcharges for non-machineable mail or use our postage calculator and we'll help you determine if your invitations are considered standard or non-machineable. Remember: Always take your mail piece to your local post office and have them weigh the item to be sure of the exact amount of postage needed.

Hi Kristine! You can get stamps from the post office in store, or buy them online from USPS on Amazon or on their website. You can see the links above for specific styles. Zazzle also sells them personalized and approved by the USPS. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Before you swear to the priest that you, the bride and groom, are willing to be faithful to each other in life and in death, you must carefully select a wedding stamp for eternity and place it on the invitation letter to inform your relatives and friends. Now that the USPS is discontinuing the special stamps program, I think the Love Forever stamps and the Rose Forever stamps are the perfect choices for your wedding stamps. Want to know why? Then read the article below!

Charming postage stamps are always a great way to make your wedding envelopes personal and as attractive as the contents. And the rose is always the best flower for your bridal bouquet. If the Love Forever stamp is a straightforward expression, then the Rose Forever stamp is the most appropriate and delicate decoration.

To help you choose the best wedding stamps for your wedding invitation card, in this article, we present some of the most popular and beautiful USPS Forever wedding stamps that you should either combine with your favorite wedding style or use alone for your wedding envelopes.

As we all know, the first Love Forever stamp was issued in 1973, and the Love Forever stamp series mostly uses roses, hearts, swans, etc. as the main design elements. In my opinion, buying a Love Forever stamp with the birth year of you or your fiancé (fiancée) is as exciting as buying a red wine of the birth year a a wedding banquet. It is also the detail of a wedding that is personal and at the same time full of love.

Love Forever Stamps or Rose Forever Stamps can add a romantic touch to your wedding mail. To avoid mistakes, know that many wedding invitations weigh more than regular cards and envelopes. This is because wedding invitations are usually printed on heavier paper (80-110 lb.), which is heavier than the standard paper you find in typical letters. Also, the USPS does not issue wedding-themed postcard stamps.

The answer is no. In comparison, postcard stamps are slightly cheaper than invitations, so mailing a postcard with a date reminder or wedding announcement should only cost $0.40 each. As I said, if you are sending wedding invitations, it is recommended to buy a nice stamp with the theme of love forever or a flower stamp.

Buy stamps before they increase in price. To find out when the next postage increase will be, visit Forever Stamp Value. You can even sign up to get notified by email when the next price increase will occur.

Etsy is always our go-to source for customized products. We love that you can browse items from thousands of sellers at once, and find small business owners who can craft your perfect thing! When it comes to custom wedding stamps or return address stamps, this is where we always go first.

Cost may play a role in your decision, after all postage is expensive enough on its own, even before paying to add any custom details to it. The most budget-friendly postage option will always be the stamps for sale at your local post office (and like we mentioned, they really do have some cute stamps).

We are the custom rubber stamp experts! We've been making quality rubber stamps for over 25 years. Whether you want to make a single rubber stamp or thousands, with our quick shipment on business and personalized rubber stamps, you're sure to make a great impression!

Self-inking stamps are similar, but have small internal ink pads to re-ink the rubber stamp between each press. These last for several thousand impressions before the ink pad needs to be replaced. Learn how to re-ink your pre-inked or self-inking stamp.

Finally, traditional wood handle stamps require a separate ink pad, which allows you to easily change ink colors as needed. Of all types of stamps, wood handle stamps are used for the physically largest designs. Wood handle stamps are also the most economical option for stamping.

Quick dry stamps are for non-porous surfaces such as metal, photographs, glass, etc. This ink is designed to dry in several seconds to under two minutes, depending on the surface. If you have a particularly challenging surface to stamp, contact one of our representatives to discuss how our products can meet your needs.

Fabric stamps are perfect for clothing and other cloth applications, for both craft and industrial uses. As with quick dry stamps, please contact us for help with stamping on esoteric or difficult fabrics.

Date stamps are practical and flexible. Each stamp has movable bands to designate month, day, and year, and you can add wording and images or choose from one of our stock designs to keep it simple. Date stamps are a popular tool for small businesses that need to date large volumes of paperwork such as invoices, contracts, permits, receipts, and letters.

In production, quality assurance, or any number of roles, inspection stamps are a necessity for repetitive tasks. These come in several stamp bodies, including convenient pocket-size and Quick Dry for non-porous surfaces. The designs on these stamps can be fully customized or chosen from a range of stock stamps..

Signature stamps are another useful type of business stamp. Instead of taking the time to handwrite signatures, your office can use a custom signature stamp to quickly add a clear impression of your signature to contracts, packing slips, paychecks, and more.

Finally, we offer professional seal stamps for official correspondence and important documents. These can be created from scratch or chosen from our pre-designed templates for corporations, notaries, architects, engineers, and more.

The StampMaker is located between Detroit and Ann Arbor in downtown Plymouth, Michigan. Our rubber stamps and other products are made on-site utilizing state of the art equipment and the most current technology and production methods.

Not only do we have the fastest turnaround time in the business, we are also committed to providing high quality rubber stamps with each order. Rubber stamps are more economical than many labeling alternatives. Browse our site or call to see just how easy it is to make a great impression!

One of the most important steps of planning your wedding is the invitations. If done right, your invitations can be personal and memorable tokens for your friends and family to cherish. To help you design and mail the perfect wedding invitations for your special day, Canada Post has prepared this guide.

For invitations weighing between 31 g and 100 g, single stamps are available at a higher rate. Square invitations only require regular postage when mailed within Canada. They must be between 140 mm x 140 mm to a maximum of 156 mm x 156 mm.

Unleash your imagination and create stunning projects with ease, whether it's scrapbooking, card making, or home décor. Embrace the versatility, and let your unique vision shine through with these reusable, easy-to-clean stamps.

Where do I purchase stamps?There are several resources for purchasing stamps, but pricing can vary. Stamps from the USPS website or your local Post Office are priced at face value: for example, you would pay $0.70 for a 70 stamp.

Note: sometimes the brick-and-mortar Post Office will not have a large quantity of wedding stamps available; you might consider calling ahead or ordering online to make sure you are able to get as many stamps as you need.

What about custom stamps?Yes, you can absolutely create a custom postage stamp! Browse pre-made templates, or work with your designer to create a stamp completely unique to you. We can take an element from your invitation design (like a monogram or floral illustration) and incorporate it into your stamp design.

These are excellent tips Nole! I found that the most affordable route has been to go to a stamp/coin store directly. I also wholeheartedly agree with the advice about making sure that you find at least one or two high value stamps. Otherwise, the process of adding up postage and affixing stamps to your envelopes will take a LONG time. But if you do it with family members or your bridal party, the process can be quite fun and definitely pays off in the end. 041b061a72


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