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Wilcom Embroidery Studio e1.5: The Best Embroidery and Multi-Decoration Software (Free Download)

there are millions of sellers and millions of customers, but that doesnt mean theyre all looking for the same thing. weve worked hard to meet the needs of buyers and sellers throughout the world, just as we always have. weve created a relationship-driven product that is redesigned to focus on helping you be more successful. as always, we offer a vast array of amazing features including unrivaled support, comprehensive creative tools, industry-exclusive features.

free download wilcom embroidery studio e1.5 64 bit


embroiderystudio e2 is a new version of the successful embroiderystudio. the new interface makes it easier to quickly get up and running on your computer with all the features you need. and its easy to navigate and use. want to stay up-to-date with our latest products? simply connect your mywilcom account and receive exclusive offers and tips. whether youre a professional digitizer, industry trainer or embroidery shop, embroiderystudio e2 is the best embroidery application you can use.

with the embroiderystudio e2 platform, its now easier to create more designs, access new capabilities, and more. the innovative design engine provides design-to-print features. and an enhanced windows ink workspace makes it simple to digitize even the most difficult designs. enjoy: inexperienced users can turn pdf documents into new designs using the x-to-vector command. embroiderystudio e2 offers you more ways to print and customize your designs. drag and drop products from the library or take your own images and photographs. create custom-crafted products, apply your own enhancements and add text and graphics from the new windows ink workspace. and experience easy drawing, erasing, pasting, resizing, and painting.


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