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U.S. WW II 75MM Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 HMC ...

Experiments with a close-support version of the M3 Stuart began with the T18 Howitzer Motor Carriage. This essentially combined an M3 light tank chassis with the gun mount of a M3 Grant medium tank mounting the much smaller 75mm pack howitzer. This produced a tall design with the gun well forward, which led to the tank being nose-heavy. They also found the fighting compartment was too cramped and the cut-down sides provided no protection to the crew for shots anywhere but the front.

U.S. WW II 75MM Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 HMC ...

The 75mm HMC M8 was based on the light tank M5, but the front hull was modified by deletion of the drivers' hull roof hatches since the drivers had access to the vehicle through the open turret. Instead, the drivers each had a large door in the hull front plate for direct vision and two periscopes in the hull roof. The M7 howitzer mount incorporated parts of the medium tank M4's M34 gun mount. The 75mm howitzer M3 differed from the M2 by having the recoil surface and keyway machined directly onto the howitzer tube and therefore not requiring a barrel support sleeve. Both howitzers used the same breech, and a large flash suppressor was fitted around the howitzer on the M8. Late-model M8s were armed with the M3 howitzer, equipped with sandshields around the tracks, and they stored track grousers on the turret.

The 75 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 was a self-propelled howitzer vehicle of the United States in use during World War II. It was developed on the chassis of the M5 Stuart tank and was equipped with a 75mm M116 howitzer in an M7 mount.

The M8 "Scott" suggested for tier 1 was a self propelled gun (short barreled 75mm howitzer), not a tank destroyer.The was a 1 1/2 ton doge tuck mounted 37mm that kind of served that role in the early years for the US army.

Based on the ubiquitous M5 Stuart light tank hull, the M8 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage (HMC) provided much needed mobile artillery support to US assault forces. Replacing the M5 Stuart turret with a more spacious open-topped turret to house a short-barrelled M2 (and later the M3) 75mm howitzer and a mix of smoke and high explosive ammunition. A pintle-mounted .50 Cal heavy machine gun provided additional defensive firepower.

Work had begun on the M8 HMC before this change. The Army authorized the development of a vehicle which could be used as assault support for the light tank battalions, i.e., when confronting strongpoints or fortified positions. First, a 75mm howitzer was fitted in a turretless M3. This was not satisfactory, as the gun had limited traverse. Therefore, a 75mm howitzer in a open topped turret was proposed. First it was to be fitted on an M3 hull, but this was switched to an M5 hull. The design of the turret meant that the front hatches could not be opened, so two hatches were placed in the front glacis plate. The vehicle was accepted for service as the M8 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage. Production began in May 1942, and a total of 1,778 vehicles were built and used by the U.S. Army and French units.

The M8 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage was an American self-propelled howitzer vehicle developed during WWII. To make things relatively easy at the time, the Americans took the chassis and hull of the M5 Stuart and converted it for the Scott. This was completed by simply mounting the 75mm gun in a fully-traversing open-topped turret.

The M8 Scott was a World War II self-propelled howitzer based on the Stuart light tank chassis. The name M8 General Scott was sometimes used. The vehicle was armed with a 75mm howitzer placed in an open turret. The welded armor was intended to protect the crew. From September 1942 to January 1944, approximately 1,778 vehicles of this type were produced.The COBI model was developed in a scale of 1:35 matching the figures and consists of 525 construction blocks. The model's functionalities include access to the brick-built engine, rotating turret, movable cannon and working caterpillar traction. All graphic elements are high-quality prints. The figure depicts an American soldier with the rank of captain. The set comes with a plate with the name of the set printed on it. Our 1:35 scale collection cannot do without this set! Build history, piece by piece, with COBI. 041b061a72


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